Rolls Royce

Photography, Video Production

Kind Words

Director: Vinnie Fallico

Director of Photography: Vinnie Fallico 

Assistant Camera: James Navaira

Assistant Camera: Luke Schiltz

Photographer: Brandon Aguilar 

Gaffer: Chad Brewer

Writers: Casie Luong and Vinnie Fallico

VO: Constantine Gregory


Rolls Royce - Black Badge Cullinan

We were honored to create content for Rolls Royce’s newest release, the Black Badge Cullinan. As if a Rolls Royce wasn’t luxurious enough, they decided to outdo themselves and create another level of luxury, the Black Badge edition. From a starlight headliner, to a refrigerator with champagne flutes, to a pair of electrically operated jump seats that emerge out of the rear compartment with a picnic table in between them, this vehicle has it all. It was such a blast working on this project and we hope you enjoy all of the content we got of this incredible machine. 

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