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Austin, TX
Video Production
Aerial Cinematography
20+ years combined
Lights Work Best In The Dark.

It’s around this notion that we founded Black Sky Creative. We’re here to help guide your project or business through the times when direction isn’t clear, when night has taken over and the horizon seems darkest. Whether you’re stuck, losing steam, or just don’t know the general direction to take your visual endeavors, we’re here to offer a spotlight. 

With our team, the sky’s the limit.
Meet Our Team
Great Content Created by Great People
Vinnie Fallico Director of Photography Drone Operator
Vinnie Fallico
Director of Photography | Drone Operator
Brandon Aguilar Cinematographer Photographer
Brandon Aguilar
Cinematographer | Photographer
Health McMurtry Art Director Comedian
Heath McMurtry
Art Director | Comedian
Sarah Dodds Graphic Designer
Sarah Dodds
Graphic Design
Moses Elias Audio Engineer
Moses Elias
Audio Engineer
Scott Chrysler Drone Tech
Scott Chrysler
Drone Tech

A Passionate Team Based in Austin.

With a knowledgeable core team, and extensive group of professional collaborators, we’ve helped hundreds of clients increase their brand ROI, engage and convert new clients, and grow their bottom line. But more importantly, we’ve helped people grow their passions to new, more visible heights, often with all parties involved having fun in the process.  

Black Sky Creative isn’t just limited to traditional photography and cinematography, either. Hand-drawn animation, acrobatic drone maneuvers, and feature-film level visual effects are just a few of the more specialized and exciting mediums we offer. Whatever your needs, however unique, we’re here to help make it happen

Why People Hire Us

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We love our clients and our clients love us—why? We make entertaining content that works. They also love the way we get things done—with communication, collaboration and transparency.

Black Sky Creative goals

Brands come to work with Black Sky Creative because we're as serious about smashing their goals and sparking growth as we are about producing stuff that’s super fun to watch. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, we make content that makes our clients better.

Why You Should, Too...


BSC’s content promotes, explains, inspires, and tells your brand’s story in unexpected ways. However we get there, your videos will make people stop and think - and then act. Hire us and your marketing goals are as good as toast.

Strong Communication

From milestone emails, to creative calls, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We believe strong communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration and with us, you’ll never be in the dark waiting for an update on your project or wondering where your deliverables are. 

Sophisticated Production Technology

Black Sky Creative utilizes some of the finest production cameras, cinema-grade lenses, lighting techniques and audio recording methods available. If you are looking for great results, look no further.

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Enjoy The Process

We handle everything from storyboarding to visual effects, allowing the client to sit back and enjoy without worrying about the details.

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We Call Austin Home... But We’ll Travel Wherever You Need Us.

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