Luck Reunion

Video Production, Aerial Cinematography

Kind Words

Director: Cameron Gott

Director of Photography: Edwin Mendoza

Camera Operator: Vinnie Fallico

Production Assistant: Sam Slavkin

Editor: Vinnie Fallico 

Photographer: Cameron Gott

Video Production | Photography

Luck Reunion

It was a lifelong goal for many of us to both attend the infamous Luck Reunion and have the opportunity to shoot the one and only Willie Nelson. In 2018, we were lucky enough (pun intended) to do both those things. Filming a mini documentary on the legendary Mavis Staples and another mini documentary on the Chefs that curate PotLuck was more than we could ever ask for. We couldn’t be more excited to show you what we captured and we hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at Luck Reunion.

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