Forge Strength

Photography, Motion, Social Content

Kind Words
Their passion and attention to detail are second to none. They consistently captured amazing moments and I loved the feedback they gave us before and during our shoots. Highly recommend.

Director of Photography: Vinnie Fallico

Photography: Vinnie Fallico

Photo Assist: Nick Melita

Video Production | Photography

Forge Strength

Forge Strength is different. Yes, it might look like another gym but under the hood, it couldn’t be more unique. Founded by Christian Soriano, the gym’s strong community, workouts, and attitudes of its members are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When we were asked to create content for Forge Strength, we wanted to capture not just fitness models in a gym, but real people striving to be the best version of themselves together and having fun doing so. They also allow you to bring your dogs, it’s adorable, we had to capture that too. We hope you enjoy our take on this unique gym, with real people, doing amazing things.

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