Bloomer Trailers

Video Production, Aerial Cinematography

Kind Words

Director: Cameron Gott

Director of Photography: Cameron Gott

Camera Operator: Brandon Aguilar

Aerial Cinematography: Vinnie Fallico

Aerial Photography: Vinnie Fallico 

Editor: Cameron Gott

Aerial Cinematography

Bloomer Trailers

After taking a few steps into one of the luxurious Bloomer Trailers, you quickly forget that just beyond the rear cabin wall, your horses are kept safely and securely. Bloomer Trailers is the world’s leading custom horse trailer manufacturer and we wanted to share a glimpse into the bloomer trailer lifestyle. Combining aerial cinematography with shots from the ground, we were able to do just that. We hope you enjoy this energetic take on Bloomer’s most luxurious line, The Outlaw.

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